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#39 Top Ten Best NBA Players of All Time

I talk about the top 10 BEST NBA players of all time. I review my time at the Akron-Canton Comic Con and what conventions I'll be at in the coming months. I give an update on Issue 2 of Omega Strike. Top 10 Starts @ 38:00

#38 The Mandela Effect

I talk about The Mandela Effect and the connection to SINBAD. I also discuss, Trump,Nike, Adidas, marijuana legalization, Candace Owens, the Clinton's, terminal cancer and I give my thoughts on the E3 XBOX conference. 

#37 “Indie” Comicbooks and The 1985 FROZEN NBA draft

I talk about the Indie Comicbooks you need to check out. What happened during the 1985 NBA draft that left a chill on the league? #tuesdaythoughts from twitter leads us to brilliance with MALIBU SELFIES ( @TlrWorldWidellc ) and his motivational videos! Black Out game in Cleveland for game 3 of The NBA Finals. What's going on in Yemen?


I discuss the NBA playoffs, Marvel's newest character Snowguard, and about the process of making my comicbook Omega Strike. 

#35 Yanny or Laurel

I discuss the trending audio Yanny or Laurel! I read #thursdaythoughts from twitter. I talk about Donald Trump, World War 3, Meghan Markle and her Father, Gaming, Microsoft's newest controller, NBA, Halo, bungie, Destiny 1 and 2, and I let you know why I hate Call of Duty WW2.

#34 Time Travelers and the 2038 UNIX problem

I talk about the Time Traveler John Titor, The year 2038 problem, Cameron Hanes, and Melania Trump. 

#33 Free Comicbook Day

I talk about Free Comic Book day, Kanye West, Donald Trump, Michelle Wolf, my awesome fans in Europe, cultural appropriation, The Doors and the first ever Mass Consumption song! follow me on social media @reillycomics

#32 Mary Jane

I talk about smoking Marijuana and what I think about the trend of High Sobriety.

#31 Top 19 Marvel Movies and Infinity War spoiler review

I list the Marvel movies from 19 to 1. SPOILER review of Infinity war 

#30 Flat Earth

I wathced a documentary called The History of Flat Earth by Eric Dubay. These are my negative and positive thoughts about this documentary and my thoughts on Flat Earth in general. 

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