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#45 Top 10 X-Men Characters and Kanye West

I review my time at the Toledo Oddmall. The Fake and Bake News is back! Smoke My Poll is Back also with the Top 10 X-Men characters of all time. 


#44 Ghost Story

I have 2 ghost stories!


Comicbooks Coffee and Weed #2 Fast Times

Recorded on September 25th 2018. I discuss my visit to Indiana and what my weekend was like at the Fantasticon in Ft. Wayne. I also let you know what Indie Comicbooks I'm reading!


Freaks and Lamers by NOSMAS ft. Jermey wit a nutta vidEooo

Have you heard this yet???? Freaks and Lamers 

NOSMAS ft. Jermey wit A Nutta vidEooo

Produced by: Suburban Scrum Lords INC.


#43 Comic-Con, Weed and Drowning in Devil’s Lake

I talk about my time at The Monroe Comic-Con this past weekend and what I look forward to at the Fantasticon in Ft. Wayne Indiana on September 22nd and 23rd 2018. I tell you about my closest experience with death, when I almost drown in DEVIL'S LAKE. Weed: is it worth the stigma? What comic books am I reading? You will find out! Join the Reilly Comics newsletter and qualify for monthly prizes! reillycomics.com



In this episode I discuss Alterna comics and #comicsgate. I give my thoughts on Ethan Van Sciver, Block bots, Geeks and Gamers, The Quartering, how comics save lives, Judge Kavanaugh and much more.

Alterna- 1:00

Saved by Comics- 33:40


#41 Batwoman Ruby Rose

I talk about the death of the Local Comic Book shop (LCS), Ruby Rose as Batwoman, James Gunn stays down for the count. Why we should just STFU and VOTE!!


#40 FaCK Donald Trump

I discuss the controversial tweet made by Donald Trump about Lebron James! I review the top 500 comicbooks of June. James Gunn is mentioned.


Comicbooks Coffee and Weed #1 Free Comicbooks! Presented by Mass Consumption

Josh talks about San Diego Comic Con 2018, The passing of  Jon Schnepp, why James Gunn was fired, and how to get a free copy of the Indie Comicbook Omega Stike from Reilly Comics. The age old Question: Is Gotham based on New York City or Chicago is finally answered!

James Gunn - 5:15

Jon Schnepp 31:52

Free Comicbook 54:25 Physical or digital copy is your choice 


#39 Top Ten Best NBA Players of All Time

I talk about the top 10 BEST NBA players of all time. I review my time at the Akron-Canton Comic Con and what conventions I'll be at in the coming months. I give an update on Issue 2 of Omega Strike. Top 10 Starts @ 38:00