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#56 Darling on the Tik Tok

What's up everyone? I'm back! It's been a wild year and I go full blown Tik Tok talking about it my future in comics and podcasting and new anime like Darling in the Franxx and how it was dodging covid all year on this episode of MCP!

#55 Hello 2020 and Flat Earth for 2 minutes at the end

Hello everyone I've missed you! Wow it is officially 2020! I have been on the grind for the last few months getting Omega Strike 4 ready for release on February 5th 2020. You can check out all my comic books for FREE at reillycomics.com 

2020 is going to be an exciting year. The Take Over has begun! Make sure you sign up to be a part of the Take Over Squad when you visit reillycomics.com

#54 Sticks and Stones

recorded on 5/28/2019 


Hello podcast world, I'm back and better than ever! I've had a busy summer. I talk about a couple of touchy subjects in this episode and I was never going to release it. But here it is! The season of podcasting is upon us, I hope you all enjoyed your summer. If you're ready, let's dive back into my world!

I talk about the release of Omega Strike 3, Gail Simone mistaking a question for an insult, the upcoming Reilly Comics APP, Kick starter possibilities, the 3 types of LCS, and house hunting!

#53 Spoiler Review Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame is reviewed and there are SPOILERS!! 

#52 Top 10 Video Games of All Time

I give you my Top 10 Video Games of All Time plus 4 that needed a mention!

#51 UNIX 2038 and the Time Traveler

We dive deeper into the 2038 UNIX problem and the time traveler known as John Titor!

#50 Best Freak Outs of 2018

We have a guest!! 

#49 BEST OF 2018

I review the best of 2018. Including, best comic book, best comic book movie, top MMA athletes, my favorite podcasts, and we look at NBA players in 2018!

#48 SpiderMan Into the spider verse

I give a spoiler review of Spiderman Into the Spiderverse and explain my disappearance for the last month! I also discuss Erik Larsen's hate of using reference!!

#47 Stan Lee

I discuss why I think Stan Lee was a great business man. I review some NBA action and discuss the pending Democratic Presidential Nominee. 

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