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Josh talks bow hunting, Bart Simpson unleashing demons in prison, Fear Factor Prison edition, Lebron tha GOAT, Air Jordan doesn't  rape, gordon24 is done and so am I, reading comics with youtube, RICHARD SIMMONS, The Last Jedi, JJ Abrams hates Mark Hamill's voice, and beaver head explosions.


Yoga Hosers film review

Is Yoga Hosers a cult classic? Join me in an in depth review of the movie Yoga Hosers directed by Kevin Smith. Yoga Hosers is about 2 15 year old yoga enthusiasts joining forces with a legendary man-hunter to battle Canadian nazis who take the form of deadly sausages! 


Coming Attractions Companion 1.. youtube sync

Join me while I view 14 coming attractions. Sync up to the youtube video, 2017 new upcoming movie and tv trailers - 14 official new movie trailers, on Screen Times channel make sure you subscribe to their channel and don't forget to download Mass Consumption. The movies we will view are GOTG vol2, Cars3, Spark a spacetail, POTC Dead men tell no tales, Rock Paper Dead, The Last Vampire Pricess, Their Finest, Alien Covenant, Berlin Syndrome, The Dinner, Bethany, Deadpool 2, Devil in the Dark and Carrie Pilby.... listen for the count down sync up and watch with me. 


episode 3

Josh talks about the top songs to do CPR to, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Xmen Origins vs The Deadpool movie, why he Doesn't hate Rob Liefeld, why everyone even DCEU fanboys actually hate the DCEU.  Does Matrix plus Blade Runner equal Ghost in the Shell, why bacon is good, becoming an archer, trying to get not fat, and eating bluberry bear ass.


Mass Consumption 1.5

A discussion about super hero movies, love for Spiderman and Star Wars and who I think Rey is related to. Hosted by artist/writer Joshua Reilly