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Episode 11: Mystic Mac vs Money Mayweather

June 23, 2017

Josh talks about the upcoming Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather fight he gives a KO prediction. Stories of death cap mushrooms, racial and religious oppression. What will Gun Control lead to? Lets get rid of stores and borders simultaneously. Thoughts on Kathy Griffins head prank. Why Wonder Woman? Fatman on Batman give good reviews! We discuss Alaskan bear attacks, deadly 3 somes, and Batman the officer. Otto Warmbier, what happened? Fake and Bake News, Convention Mention, Top 10 Comic book sales for may 2017 review. Silver and Black movie talk. Bow hunting, yeti mugs, and construction talk included. Prison art, SOA fanboys, and sports nerds. Follow, subscribe, download. reillycomics.com @reillycomics on instagram & facebook. jreilly211@hotmail.com is the email