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#26 BLACK PANTHER: Marvel’s Fresh Start

Comic book creator Josh Reilly reviews Black Panther. He gives his UFC 222 predictions. We speak about the mass shooting in Florida. Josh includes a convention mention. reillycomics.com



#dawnsong #fucktide


#25 The Anunnaki Paradox

Dive deep, into the weird world of truth! ENJOY! reillycomics.com #omegastrike


#24 Solo: A Star Wars Story is my Super Bowl Champ!

Comicbook writer and artist Josh Reilly talks about the Super Bowl, UFC 221, the Nunes Memo, laser mapping the Mayan Civilization, 2018 goals, Orlog & Karma, the movie trailers, Solo: A Star Wars Story, Skyscraper starring The Rock, and Cloverfiled Paradox. Subscribe to the podcast and also the MASS CONSUMPTION YOUTUBE CHANNEL. To pre order Omega Strike #1 visit reillycomics.com


#23 Comicbooks, Coffee, Weed, and Jumanji

Comicbook writer and artist Josh Reilly gives a review for the new Jumanji movie and reminises about the 90's! 


Best of 2017 & The top 20 most anticipated movies of 2018 Ep.22

The best of the best of 2017 is finally here. The best in Movies, comicbooks, comedy specials, netflix series, mma, boxing, and more. We also review the top 20 most anticipated movies of 2018!


Episode 21: Star Wars The Last Jedi Spoiler Review

SPOILERS Josh reviews Star Wars The Last Jedi. Is it Bold and Brave or Bad and Boring? Josh mentions them all Rey,Kylo, Finn, Poe, Luke, Leia, Chewy, R2D2, C3po, BB8, Snoke, etc..


Episode 20: Batman’s 5 Favorite Bands and Disney buys Fox Studios

Batman has 5 favorite Bands. What will happen when Disney buys Fox Studios? Is it time Donald Trump was Impeached? White  family values, Sansom-Reilly Paint & Construction is changing, Baby Boomer weirdos. HOLLYWOOD LOVES RAPE. Porn for women. We discuss the comicbooks Maestro from Image Comics and Nightwing: The New Order fro, DC Comics. Why did Justice League suck so much?


Episode 19: Batman’s top 10 most unknowns and The Avengers vs X-Men

Josh dives into episode 19 with a convention mention for the ages. Fantasticon, R2C2, and more conventions lined up. Hollywood is a tragic mess. Screen Junkies Universe is FAKE NEWS. Why did Chelsea Handler drink piss? Is the world ready for a Red Sonja movie? Is Disney buying Fox movie studios? The top 10 things you probably didn't know about Batman!