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#47 Stan Lee

I discuss why I think Stan Lee was a great business man. I review some NBA action and discuss the pending Democratic Presidential Nominee. 


#46 Comics and The Youtube Invasion

Welcome to our Youtube experiment! As Mass Consumption begins the take over of all media we want to thank those of you who have been here since the beginning. At the beginning of the podcast I review current events and go on rants as usual! Subjects include immigration, show ideas, and current events. The last third of the podcast is myself showing and talking about a stack of comic books! Make sure to head over to the Mass Consumption Youtube channel to see this episode on video and subscribe!! Thank you and Happy Halloween!


#45 Top 10 X-Men Characters and Kanye West

I review my time at the Toledo Oddmall. The Fake and Bake News is back! Smoke My Poll is Back also with the Top 10 X-Men characters of all time. 


#44 Ghost Story

I have 2 ghost stories!


Comicbooks Coffee and Weed #2 Fast Times

Recorded on September 25th 2018. I discuss my visit to Indiana and what my weekend was like at the Fantasticon in Ft. Wayne. I also let you know what Indie Comicbooks I'm reading!


Freaks and Lamers by NOSMAS ft. Jermey wit a nutta vidEooo

Have you heard this yet???? Freaks and Lamers 

NOSMAS ft. Jermey wit A Nutta vidEooo

Produced by: Suburban Scrum Lords INC.


#43 Comic-Con, Weed and Drowning in Devil’s Lake

I talk about my time at The Monroe Comic-Con this past weekend and what I look forward to at the Fantasticon in Ft. Wayne Indiana on September 22nd and 23rd 2018. I tell you about my closest experience with death, when I almost drown in DEVIL'S LAKE. Weed: is it worth the stigma? What comic books am I reading? You will find out! Join the Reilly Comics newsletter and qualify for monthly prizes! reillycomics.com



In this episode I discuss Alterna comics and #comicsgate. I give my thoughts on Ethan Van Sciver, Block bots, Geeks and Gamers, The Quartering, how comics save lives, Judge Kavanaugh and much more.

Alterna- 1:00

Saved by Comics- 33:40


#41 Batwoman Ruby Rose

I talk about the death of the Local Comic Book shop (LCS), Ruby Rose as Batwoman, James Gunn stays down for the count. Why we should just STFU and VOTE!!


#40 FaCK Donald Trump

I discuss the controversial tweet made by Donald Trump about Lebron James! I review the top 500 comicbooks of June. James Gunn is mentioned.